Project Life 2013 : Week 44

I’ve been a little behind with my Project Life. The wedding kind of threw me off, but I’m still going!

Week 44!

 photo IMG_2396_zps4bdda36d.jpg

Left side: It was pretty stormy. Checked out North Beach, the Moks, and the backyard. My brothers and dad bought their suits for the wedding. Alex grew out a mustache AND beard per Trevor’s request. My class went to Waimanalo Farm. Mom got a new cell phone case – our 2012 Christmas morning family photo (including her blonde son).

 photo IMG_2397_zps5af422fc.jpg

Right side: My class celebrated Halloween. We did last minute errands for the wedding. WE SAW PAULA FUGA PERFORM (AGAIN!!) at Formaggio’s! She. Is. Perfection. Lastly, my personalized license plate came it. And I’m obsessed!

 photo IMG_2398_zps062471b1.jpg

 photo IMG_2399_zpsa4dc662b.jpg

 photo IMG_2401_zps8d715fb5.jpg

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