Phillace Wedding : Details

Photos (except for the first two pictures) were taken by our wedding photographers, Kaitlyn and Travis Mooney from The Rock Studio. Check out their blog post about our wedding HERE! And our page, Mr. & Mrs. for more info on our wedding!

 photo IMG_2189_zpsf4a484ec.jpg

The details:

    • The dress – T proposed on Mother’s Day. I flew to CA to watch my brother graduate from CSUF a week later. At home, two days before I had to head back to Hawaii, my mom and I set the wedding date and location. That meant I had ONE day to find a wedding dress. ONE DAY. I knew the selection was pretty scarce and not totally my style back in Hawaii (everything sells out quick and it’s mostly to appease the Japanese tourists’ taste.. my personal opinion). So my first stop in Brea, David’s Bridal. I gave them an $800 budget (I had NO idea what my budget was going to be, I had only been planning my wedding for one day) and found myself unhappy with my results. Freaking out, my high school girlfriends recommended small boutiques and Nordstrom. Now, you’d think after all those years of watching Say Yes To The Dress, I’d know exactly what I want, I’d spend whatever amount necessary, I’d have that ah-ha moment, and I’d cry. Nope. I think Hawaii has really changed me. I was practical (kind of). Although I fell in love with a gorgeous lace dress, I could not handle the $3,500 price tag (that’s like 3 super expensive longboards I’ve had my eye on – I compare everything to surfboards). I don’t care if people say, “It’s your wedding day, splurge!”, that’s too much f%^kin’ money for one dress, for one night. I went with the runner up. Which ended up being perfect. Light weight. Easy to dance in. Va-va-voom cleavage. It was totally going to work for a beach wedding. I don’t know why girls put themselves through torture for some of those wedding dresses. How is being comfortable not your #1 priority?! So, we purchased the dress and I flew back to Hawaii. A few months passed and T and I found this sequin seafoam dress (my FAVORITE color!!). I thought it would be an awesome second dress – something to change into after the ceremony. A month after purchasing it, I realized you only wear your wedding dress for one night, so I decided to return it.

 photo IMG_3748_zpsc20f92b2.jpg

 photo 1456660_668973476468754_78234420_n_zps40adf46d.jpg

    • The bouquet – While planning my wedding, the two things I considered when making a decision 1. Is this costly? and 2. Is this wasteful? Because it’s Mex, the flowers were more expensive and harder to get out there. We were going to have flowers but I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a bouquet I couldn’t take home (Mex –> CA –> HI) to save! I asked Kaitlyn if silk flowers were a good idea. She assured me that they photographed well and as long as I knew what I was purchasing (size of bouquet and quality), that it’d be great. I purchased my bouquet on Etsy and totally loved it! The succulents popped in every photo!

 photo 1403257_668973399802095_304152741_o_zpsa56294c6.jpg

    • The accessories – T purchased my engagement and wedding ring from Brilliant Earth (recycled materials and conflict free diamonds). I catch myself staring at my hand often, it’s just so pretty! T’s ring is koa wood and from Martin & MacArthur. The wrap and headband were from Nordstrom. I ditched the headband when the hairstyle looked too “princessy.” All I really wanted was my long hair and wavy mermaid curls ;)

 photo IMG_6107_zps8cffc2e0.jpg

 photo 1403011_668973423135426_1522308121_o_zps32e1ef0b.jpg

 photo IMG_6103_zps77ab554c.jpg

    • The extras – Again, I don’t like being wasteful. It bums me out. But I guess you have to let your guests know what they’re going to eat. Ha. Or how the night’s gonna go down! My mom and I made an itinerary for the wedding weekend. I purchased our menus through Wedding Paper Divas (like I did for the save the dates, invites, guestbook (not pictured but turned out super cute!!!), and thank yous). On the back of the menus was a picture of me and T from Thanksgiving last year at Casa Tortuga with Casa Panga in the background! My mom bought these maracas, T thought of the “Shake for a kiss!”, and I made the labels. The guests actually used them all night long! AND I couldn’t find a spare maraca in the house the next morning! The succulents in the beer cans were purchased right after we landed. I was a little bummed that the fuchsia roses in the mocahetes AND the fuchsia napkins didn’t get to the house in time for pictures of our table. But thankfully they got there before the guests arrived. The signs on the chairs were Pinterest-inspired ;) The JUST MARRIED sign was from Michaels. AND all the other eclectic decorations were from my Aunt Suzie’s house! AND my creative Aunt Robbie found the perfect spot for every one of them!

 photo 1403165_668973079802127_811924640_o_zps38f36583.jpg

 photo 883474_668973116468790_1543485239_o_zps2371079b.jpg

 photo 1404676_668973146468787_1115242215_o_zpsb0ae93b8.jpg

 photo 901991_668973239802111_701190324_o_zps66aab0c0.jpg

 photo IMG_6104_zpsd9768731.jpg

 photo 969272_668976769801758_932978886_n_zps8663c20f.jpg

 photo 1461471_668976939801741_1792679328_n_zps5a3bfc0c.jpg

*Phillace is the nickname T gave us a long time ago – probably while watching The Office (Michael Scott gives everyone their celebrity couples name). It’s Phillips + Wallace. Which = Phillace*


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