Project Life 2013 : Week 41

Week 41!

 photo IMG_1045_zpsc0c4c056.jpg

 photo IMG_1046_zps923226e4.jpg

Spent the majority of my time with Lo and watching Dad make dinner.

 photo IMG_1047_zps0a874694.jpg

Bachelorette Brunch almost fit into its own insert. Photos taken by our wedding photographer :D

 photo IMG_1049_zpsf954050e.jpg

 photo IMG_1050_zps2f79f383.jpg

The girls went to my last dress fitting. We took Lola to Big’s (where we ordered her a separate side of eggs.. Spoiled little Shmee Shma). I also went through my junior high yearbooks.

 photo IMG_1051_zpse68cb772.jpg

 photo IMG_1054_zps1f18c037.jpg

 photo IMG_1055_zps5b0cf991.jpg

 photo IMG_1056_zps6821f060.jpg

 photo IMG_1057_zpsc10480d4.jpg


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