Bachelorette Brunch

I flew home Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the evening with family and my favorite four-legged baby girl, Shmo!

But Sunday was dedicated to the girls. We met Kaitlyn Mooney from The Rock Studio (our wedding photographer!!) at Sol Cocina to take pictures before the brunch!

I love love love my wedding photographer, Kaitlyn! She’s the most generous, thoughtful, talented photographer (and person!) I know! And I loved how these photos came out!

I also love love love my girlfriends! I’ve known these girls for most of my life. They have supported me and stood by my side since day one. And when I come home, we all can jump right back into it like I never left. And Gabi and Solana, I wish you girls could have been there but I love you both SO much and can’t wait to see you guys!

Go ‘like’ The Rock Studio’s page on Facebook HERE!

Thank you girls for the wonderful afternoon!

 photo IMG_5396_zps357ee402.jpg

 photo 1120099_645922525440516_266188724_o_zps6341ecb1.jpg

 photo IMG_5397_zps022ea7c7.jpg

 photo 1272201_645922715440497_81072650_o_zps792c3a59.jpg

 photo IMG_5398_zpsf0f19a94.jpg

 photo 919455_645922902107145_1601788232_o_zps2a93469f.jpg

 photo IMG_5399_zpse51b429f.jpg

 photo 1275907_645923452107090_1561479902_o_zpsafc0e117.jpg

 photo IMG_5395_zps18321d30.jpg

 photo 1264776_645923045440464_932264301_o_zps54536c62.jpg

 photo 1265554_645922292107206_580752531_o_zpsa6050c60.jpg

 photo 1273351_645922285440540_968591914_o_zps2e52d3e7.jpg

 photo IMG_5375_zps8fb72185.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Brunch

  1. nathalie says:

    these pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations xx

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