Sunday Castles

We had a fun weekend! On Friday, T took us back to Roy’s in Hawaii Kai (the last time we ate there was the evening we got engaged!) for date night! Saturday, T played two soccer games – won them both! I spent the morning/afternoon at kickboxing and then Ala Moana. We went to a going away bowling party at Hickam AFB. And then on Sunday, we surfed Castles and had dinner at El Mariachi.

P.S. The wedding in less than two months away and I’m stoked on seeing #weddingworkout results. I’m not trying to make a certain weight or to be super skinny – I just love that I look healthier! I love that I want to go run and/or workout. I love that I can hang in Abs Express with “Crazy Socks” at Semper Fit. I love that I am stronger than the day before.

Anyways, here’s a few photos from the weekend!

 photo IMG_5193_zpsa72f4255.jpg

 photo IMG_0549_zpsf742d826.jpg

 photo IMG_5217_zpsd5e6cc55.jpg

Small waves. Still fun. Swell’s coming though!

 photo IMG_5227_zps7e2434d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5229_zpsc287f9f0.jpg


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