Bridal Party : MOHs & Bridesmaids

Introducing the girls! I wish ALL of them could be my Maids of Honor, I love them so! But I had to choose. And I chose TWO! But I can’t wait until ALL of them them are standing next to me! So, from the most amount of years known to least, my lovely ladies:

Maids of Honor

 photo IMG_4455_zps7661378e.jpg


How many years have we known each other: Since 7th grade (14 years?)

Favorite memories

  • Writing notes to each other in FAME class
  • Getting dressed up, going to a fancy restaurant, and then hitting the gym immediately after
  • Stalking boys
  • Driving around neighborhoods yelling random things out the car window in the middle of the night
  • Sushi, Mexican, Martini dates
  • Crying at the bar listening to country music
  • Hours and hours of phone calls and texts about life
  • Going to the bars and being awkward
  • Understanding what each other’s going through


 photo IMG_4456_zps26bbbcaa.jpg


How many years have we known each other: Since 9th grade (12 years?)

Favorite memories

  • Spending Spanish class in the library talking, talking, talking.. in English ;)
  • Math with Andrew and English with Ileana
  • Reuniting on Cinco de Mayo
  • Pacific Beach vacay
  • Halloweens
  • Cactus coolers (!!) and canoli wands
  • Being so broke we have to steal toilet paper from fancy restaurants
  • DTF nights and walking home.. haha
  • Giving each other the nickname, Motel, and forgetting why
  • Silly quotes like, “Sink or fail!”
  • Getting our nails done and Kansai lunch dates
  • Some of the best advice given



 photo IMG_4458_zpseb297056.jpg


(I KNOW we have pictures together when we were little, just not on my computer)

How many years have we known each other: Since we were 5-ish (21 years?)

Favorite memories

  • Brea Theater
  • FCRT (sooo many memories!!)
  • After school dress ups and karaoke with the cats!
  • Leslie & Lauren & Marissa
  • Pool parties ;)
  • Singing A Whole New World in front of the class.. in spanish
  • DTF dinners, and drinks, and more karaoke


 photo IMG_4457_zps893f5dc4.jpg


How many years have we known each other: Since you were born! (13 years!)

Favorite memories

  • Holding, hugging, kissing the cuuuuuuuutest little baby!
  • Ensenada and Cabo vacations
  • Mama & Papa’s parties
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Watching your dance performance!


 photo IMG_4459_zps78baaa08.jpg


How many years have we known each other: Junior year (10 years?)

Favorite memories

  • Dancing
  • Working at COF
  • Both in Hawaii soaking up the sun together!
  • Hanging up your canopy
  • Telling the guys at the bar we’re roommates
  • Phone calls, texts, and much needed girl time

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