Project Life 2013 : Week 35

Week 35!

 photo IMG_4906_zps124d9b35.jpg

 photo IMG_4909_zps3178f1e9.jpg

Left side. Watched a Lanikai sunrise. Watched T play soccer.. in new jerseys. Saw The World’s End. Ran the loop. T started growing his Movember mustache.

 photo IMG_4902_zps2192a106.jpg

Insert. T’s soccer game. Mom and Dad visited Volcom and sent me and T a bunch of goodies. I put the card in the layout. The other side, it was one of those weeks that I needed a WHOLE box of Mauna Loa chocolates.

 photo IMG_4910_zps67c9c9d0.jpg

 photo IMG_4911_zpsa4e4906d.jpg

Right side. Added another sticker to my car. Another sunrise. T and I went to the Mayjah Rayjah at Kakaako Amphitheater. We bought new beach chairs.

 photo IMG_4904_zpsca224211.jpg

 photo IMG_4912_zps5cd773e1.jpg

 photo IMG_4913_zps09a19fb4.jpg


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