1. They went to the same jr. high
  2. Both considered the shortest kids in school
  3. He wrote “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?” in her 8th grade yearbook
  4. She LOVED that
  5. Their first kiss was like the ending of Little Mermaid, his Converses and the bottom of her dress soaked by the ocean
  6. She visited him in Hawaii for Thanksgiving
  7. After she left, he emailed his family a picture of her with the title “the future wifey”
  8. They got married 2 years and 7 months later
  9. He is a corpsman in the US Navy
  10. She has her BS in Child and Adolescent Development
  11. She works with a child who’s autistic
  12. He aspires to be an ER doctor
  13. She aspires to be a mother
  14. She can’t wait to see Lola Love become a big sister
  15. He wants two
  16. She wants four
  17. They’ll probably meet in the middle
  18. They’ve already have names for their future children
  19. He can’t sleep with the covers
  20. She has to have a blanket
  21. She wishes she was local
  22. He hates being called a tourist
  23. He is an early bird
  24. She is a night owl
  25. He’s addicted to Red Bulls
  26. She’s having a hard time giving up Diet Coke
  27. When they grocery shop, they read the nutritional facts first
  28. They both tried to become Vegans
  29. She still limits her meat/dairy intake
  30. They both have a soft spot for animals and Mother Earth
  31. She takes a TON of photos
  32. He doesn’t take any, unless asked
  33. He’s obsessed with shaping surfboards
  34. She’s obsessed with riding  waves
  35. She’s close to hanging 10
  36. He’s close to getting barreled
  37. She can quote Dumb & Dumber, Anchorman, Arrested Development, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Bob’s Burgers
  38. He remembers every fact from NPR
  39. She can and will sing every song she hears.. with harmony
  40. He does a wicked mouth trumpet
  41. She’s in love with Will Ferrell
  42. He thinks he’d be Justin Timberlake’s best friend
  43. He didn’t own shorts until she bought him a pair
  44. She didn’t like Top Gear until he made her watch it
  45. He’s Windows
  46. She’s Mac
  47. They both have tattoos
  48. She loves greenery
  49. He buys her plants
  50. He’s calm and collected
  51. She’s got a temper
  52. He’s patient
  53. She’s grateful
  54. They both want to travel the world

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