A new car!

 photo IMG_4389_zps7f6940fe.png

Over the weekend I purchased a new-ish car! Even though I’ve been here for almost two years (time’s flyin’!!), I’ve never really needed a one.

Three months after I moved to HI, I purchased a scooter. And since it was below 250 cc, I didn’t need insurance. I just had to register it as a bike. Which was awesome. AND filling up once a week for $2.90 – cannot beat that! Recently, I’ve taken a new job which has me subbing (possibly) further than normal. Marshmallow cannot make it up those hills in Kaneohe. Well, she can but at 15 mph.. Also, we don’t know if Trevor will be getting out of the military in 2 years, but if he does, it’ll benefit us both if we each have two reliable cars that are paid off AND that are ready for future littles!

I considered Honda Elements, Jeep Wranglers, Beetle convertibles, Fiats, Prius, Volvo, Camry and Corollas, and vanagons/buses. Here in Hawaii, new cars are $2,000-5,000 more than on the mainland. And Tacomas, Elements, Camrys, and Corollas are always in high demand and are pretty expensive. Still in the $20,000s with high mileage! We considered buying a car on the mainland and shipping it.. But I wouldn’t be home until October.

While looking through Craigslist, we stumbled upon a VW, white (the next car HAD to be white!), with low milage, and decent price. After meeting up, we found out that the car was in perfect shape. Even so, T asked the owner to do a diagnostics check at the VW dealership. Thankfully, T just finished a financial class and knew exactly what to look for and what questions to ask. He researched the car, asked about the recalls, and thoroughly inspected it. After giving me the “O.K.”, T later bargained with the price. AND we got it at the price that definitely fit my budget!
A 3 year old car, perfect condition, about 12,600 miles.. Let’s just say the price was less than the car’s mileage!! Awesome.

My first car. My first love. I hated it in high school, but I miss it dearly.
1989 Black Volvo Station Wagon

 photo 100_2633_zps929f417b.jpg

My second car. My first big purchase. Another love/hate relationship.
2002 Black VW Beetle

 photo IMG_7365_zpsb7489ddb.jpg

Marshmallow the scooter. More upset with people that work on it than the actual moped itself. Super fun to drive around Kailua. Sun in the sky and wind in my hair.
White Pacific Moped Dolce

 photo 5D0F0F49-9FD3-425A-BDF8-2AC4ED933E1F_zps302e3511.jpeg

AND NOW, the newbie! She’s a beaut. She’s a mix between my sweet Volvo station wagon and my Beetle! Perfect mix! Boards and babies!
2009 White VW Jetta Station Wagon

 photo IMG_4485_zps850189fb.jpg

I’ve personalized my ride ;) with my favorite stickers and one of these personalized license plates!

 photo IMG_4466_zpsc3c6839b.jpg

*BUT don’t think for a second that I’m not purchasing/building a VW Bus!! That’s one dream I cannot and will not give up on! I can’t wait to take it out on the weekends and teach our babes how to surf!

 photo vw-bus-13-window_zps4ed49def.jpg

Thanks to T’s sis, I can TOTALLY see this happening in the station wagon (or bus)! Sweet baby girl’s gonna sing her little heart out!
(P.S. I cry at 4:22 every. single. time. You’ve been warned.)


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