“Engagement” Photos : Formal

Firebird Photography

After our “vintage” shoot on the beach, the makeup artist/hair stylist took out my updo and we drove to the Waialua Sugar Mill for our second look. T and I thought it was be super cool to dress in black and white and take photos in the Two Crows shaping room. I LOOOOOOVE their artwork! So we rushed. Changed. And got to takin’ pictures.

 photo trevormarissa-5254_zps150a2858.jpg

 photo IMG_4461_zps5e272053.jpg

 photo IMG_4462_zps4f3b0692.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5270_zps0784f57f.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5289_zps01a5c720.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5293_zpsc93f80ca.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5298_zps84f9a5f5.jpg

 photo IMG_4463_zps5fca1bfc.jpg

 photo IMG_4464_zps8f0c17c9.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5324_zps373f50e0.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5326_zpsd05ec86e.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5327_zps48066376.jpg

We had a great time! We should have invested in the additional makeup and hair for the second shoot, but other than that, I’m stoked on all these photos!!

P.S. Thank you Cheyne, Ipo, and the guys at Two Crows!!

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