“Engagement” Photos : Vintage

 photo IMG_4451_zps73dd4197.jpg

Firebird Photography

I have not participated in a wedding since I was my aunt’s flower girl back in the sixth grade, so I am not too familiar with wedding dynamics, planning, etc. Am I supposed to have an engagement party? Bridal shower? Is there a timeline to get stuff done? I’d like to say the way we’re doing it (my mom and aunties), I’m totally happy with how our engagement and wedding stuff is going. Two words I live by: SIMPLE & MINIMAL. Which means I’m okay with missing out on the extra stuff.

Since T and I made it official in Hawaii (pictures here and here), we didn’t take or send out engagement photos (which I think is a thing). But anything involving photography, I can’t pass up. T and I thought it would be fun to dress up like characters from one of his favorite movies, Blue Hawaii (he LOVES Elvis). We found a photographer that would provide the costume, makeup and hair for a reasonable fee. THEN, a redress in a new location (those photos will be posted tomorrow). WORTH IT!

It was super fun getting made up, putting on a costume, and getting our pictures taken! BUT when receiving the high resolution photos, the typical girl came out, “Ooh, I don’t like my hair up. My boobs are spilling out of my top. I can see my stomach. Is that a roll? I don’t like my mouth with dark lipstick. My face looks weird. What else will other people notice and pick apart?” Thanks, society! After taking a step back (and possibly scrolling through my Quotes board on Pinterest), I remembered, society is ugly AND I don’t have to follow its definition of beauty. Yes, my legs touch.
I am happy. Healthy. Active. Living in Hawaii. I have a loving husband. A wonderful family. A job. A home. Nothing else should matter. Who gives a crap what people think (or what my inner judgmental self thinks)? T and I are in a good place! In love. And that’s how I’ll remember that day. Two goofballs foolin’ around on a beach in Hawaii.

 photo trevormarissa-5181_zps783d3cc8.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5179_zpsb669ef09.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5209_zps1035200d.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5200_zpsc7e1273d.jpg

 photo IMG_4443_zps780f56cf.jpg

 photo IMG_4453_zpsf696c97e.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5244_zps8700bc7f.jpg

 photo trevormarissa-5232_zps39fc0973.jpg

 photo IMG_4452_zps74cbe604.jpg

P.S. We’re going to need some practice posing! It’s one thing to be goofy when I’m the one taking the picture or setting it on a timer. It’s another thing to loosen up in front of a photographer we just met! I knew I should have taken a shot of something! ;)

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