Project Life 2013 : Week 26

Week 26 – catching up.

 photo IMG_8486_zps59f2cc7b.jpg

 photo IMG_8487_zpsd68db4a1.jpg

Left side. Super moon. Went to Honolulu to get our marriage license ;) Ate at Serg’s. Saw a chicken cross the road. Watched a Waikiki sunset. Went to the movies to see Monsters University.

 photo IMG_8485_zpscaafd13e.jpg

Insert. We got married!! Our rings. Before the ceremony. Our vows. On the beach :)

 photo IMG_8488_zpsd025d414.jpg

Other side of the insert. More wedding photos! Love them!

 photo IMG_8489_zps8a5e4489.jpg

Right side. Panoramic in front of the Moks. Emails and texts from my mom and dad. T played volleyball. We enjoyed drinks, apps, and cheesecake with friends!!

 photo IMG_8490_zpsad2004b7.jpg

 photo IMG_8498_zpse7e584f5.jpg

 photo IMG_8499_zps9e7c4f5c.jpg

 photo IMG_8501_zpsbb514404.jpg


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