Happy 4th of July!

We spent our Fourth of July on the south shore.. Surfing! T is on duty ALL week (and takes it very seriously), so he stayed upstairs with his two duty phones and took pictures of us! My sweet veteran!

 photo IMG_7610_zps931b507a.jpg

 photo IMG_7617_zps47852288.jpg

 photo IMG_7618_zps6c555156.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zpsa39a9d8e.jpg

 photo P1010334_zps4fe7b20b.jpg

 photo IMG_7752_zps66bfe5cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7753_zpsfae3dd62.jpg

 photo IMG_7754_zps366ee2d2.jpg

Always love a good wipeout photo. Or two.

 photo IMG_7575_zps52977bc4.jpg

 photo IMG_7781_zps7276fd31.jpg

 photo IMG_7782_zpsac8f0dd6.jpg

 photo IMG_7783_zpsa29c15a7.jpg

 photo IMG_7957_zps5919dd07.jpg

 photo IMG_7983_zps3bce2e3b.jpg

 photo IMG_8041_zps40b121df.jpg

 photo IMG_8087_zps1251d784.jpg

 photo IMG_8057_zps9c58be89.jpg

 photo IMG_8067_zps9cab1962.jpg

We had Ono Seafood for linner (lunch/dinner) and watched the fireworks from a friend’s lanai. Wonderful Fourth of July!

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