Our Hawaii Honeymoon

Ha, I wouldn’t really call it a honeymoon. T played volleyball for 6 hours.. But we did get to spend the rest of the weekend with our “bridal party” ;) Grubbing, surfing, celebrating!

 photo IMG_6844_zps487abecc.jpg

The beat the Chiefs!

 photo IMG_3950_zps5d84b387.jpg

The rest of the evening was spent eating and drinking! Katie brought us the most delicious “wedding cake” – cheesecake!!

 photo IMG_3965_zps17ac1586.jpg

 photo IMG_3964_zpsb9add544.jpg

Sunday morning, we woke up and surfed!

 photo IMG_7365_zpsebb91130.jpg

 photo IMG_7364_zpsb126d7ef.jpg

Trying to hang 10.

 photo IMG_7395_zps87e2c23b.jpg

 photo IMG_7396_zps0a1b7c91.jpg

Caught most of the waves inside.

 photo IMG_7424_zps1c6ee6cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7425_zpsd58eb2bb.jpg

Ate lunch at The Pioneer.

 photo photo-2_zps30a151ac.jpg

Finished the weekend surfing and grabbing dinner at Little Village Noodle House in Chinatown.

 photo photo-16_zps4bf5babc.jpg

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