Our Favorite Photos

For our rings, I went with Brilliant Earth (loved my engagement ring!), and I bought T a Koa wood wedding band from Martin & MacArthur.

 photo IMG_6771_zps3f1a1090.jpg

 photo IMG_6798_zps290b867d.jpg

We had a traditional Hawaiian ceremony at sunrise in the backyard.

 photo IMG_9524_zps7d1858c6.jpg

 photo IMG_9526_zps9e796234.jpg

 photo IMG_9533_zps79230d15.jpg

 photo IMG_9547_zpsb72e1fd4.jpg

 photo IMG_9593_zpsab8169dd.jpg

Our vows.

 photo IMG_9596_zps18aeeda3.jpg

 photo IMG_9602_zps7f5be933.jpg

 photo IMG_9606_zpsd9ab9aa5.jpg


 photo _MG_9639_zpsc156069f.jpg

 photo _MG_9641_zpseeb1088d.jpg

 photo _MG_9647_zps791f2628.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace!

 photo _MG_9659_zpsdf99739e.jpg

 photo _MG_9662_zpsb3acbd98.jpg

 photo _MG_9667_zps7c098017.jpg

 photo IMG_9750_zps99fc8750.jpg

 photo _MG_9695_zpsede088f8.jpg

 photo _MG_9702_zpsb69f928a.jpg

 photo _MG_9701_zps0c791d0a.jpg

We are SO thankful for our Hawaii ohana! George was our photographer, Katie was our videographer, Easton made me a gorgeous bouquet, and Joe brought hibiscus and champagne to toast with. We have WONDERFUL friends! Thank you guys, you have no idea how much we appreciate and love you! There’s nobody else we’d rather spend our Hawaii honeymoon with ;)


 photo IMG_9753_zps82710775.jpg

 photo IMG_9754_zps31b6ccc2.jpg

 photo IMG_9755_zps97cc054c.jpg

 photo IMG_9756_zps82d82cf0.jpg

The best men!

 photo _MG_9775_zps7222d81e.jpg

 photo _MG_9783_zps430854bc.jpg

The maids of honor!

 photo IMG_9821_zps656bc554.jpg

 photo IMG_9825_zps3407f071.jpg

 photo IMG_9840_zpsfcfde145.jpg

 photo IMG_9856_zpsa62cfa2b.jpg

 photo _MG_9875_zps49f06828.jpg

 photo IMG_9893_zps997ee67b.jpg


 photo photo-8_zps9eee53ba.jpg

 photo photo-6_zpsa1be7980.jpg

(Our unedited photos – can’t wait to start playing around with them!)


3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Photos

  1. bob nelson says:

    Congrats you two! I’m very happy for the both of you and wish you the best. It looks like it was a very beautiful ceremony!

  2. Mom says:

    Sweethearts, those are beautiful photos of a breathtaking bride and a handsome groom on a gorgeous morning. What a special day! Daddy and I send our love and blessings to you both. We now have three sons!
    Love you,

  3. […] T and I made it official in Hawaii (pictures here and here), we didn’t take or send out engagement photos (which I think is a thing). But anything […]

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