Our Backyard Wedding

Since my husband is a chatty cathy…
Over the weekend, T and I tied the knot, got hitched, JOP’ed.

T and I have been together almost 3 years, have been living together almost two, and saved the date for November 10, 2013. With all this in mind, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. And if we started now, we’d receive the benefits of being a married couple. We needed to think about our future. Save for our future. BIG PICTURE stuff. In particular, we want to save for – the wedding, buying a house, having children, MEDICAL SCHOOL (my biggest worry).

So, on Saturday, at sunrise, surrounded by our Hawaii ohana, T and I got married :) And it was perfect.

 photo photo-1_zps3d6619eb.jpg

And now, we cannot wait to celebrate with you, our mainland friends and family! The pressure is off and we’re stoked on MEXICO!!

(More pictures to come!! They’re too pretty not to share!)


One thought on “Our Backyard Wedding

  1. […] T and I made it official in Hawaii (pictures here and here), we didn’t take or send out engagement photos (which I think is a thing). But […]

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