Project Life 2013 : Week 23

Week 23!

 photo IMG_6242_zps5b675e56.jpg

 photo IMG_6243_zps955b9c70.jpg

Left side. Went to a wedding. Watched the Waikiki Classic. Chloe Calmon!

 photo IMG_6244_zps32c4a484.jpg

TCCC Training insert.

 photo IMG_6245_zps5b02aa67.jpg

 photo IMG_6246_zpse25fb8e2.jpg

Right side. Waikiki Classic. Hung out with Big G and friends. Bought some gorgeous Save the Dates!

 photo IMG_6247_zpsd48c0b8a.jpg

 photo IMG_6248_zpsf8f31d48.jpg

 photo IMG_6249_zpsd7cdcab3.jpg

 photo IMG_6250_zps2abd666d.jpg

 photo IMG_6253_zps39ad357a.jpg

 photo IMG_6251_zpsa420c9dc.jpg


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