Project Life 2013 : Week 22

A little behind, but Week 22! Alex’s graduation!

 photo IMG_6228_zps79d8273c.jpg

 photo IMG_6229_zpsc31c3bd4.jpg

 photo IMG_6230_zps64209bed.jpg

Left side. Alex’s sweet cap. We saw Star Trek (Benedict Cumberbatch!!) and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Alex and fam at his grad ceremony.

 photo IMG_6231_zps9d5efb7a.jpg

The first insert was Alex’s program. Second – Alex’s picture that went up when he received his dimploma was perfect! The fam outside.

 photo IMG_6232_zps9d29cf67.jpg

Our hike to Laguna Lake and photos from T from Memorial Day.

 photo IMG_6233_zps3667d8fe.jpg

Right side. Snuggling with Shmo. Wedding dress shopping. T started shaping a surfboard. Flew back home. Watched T play soccer.

 photo IMG_6234_zps88c8dfe5.jpg

 photo IMG_6236_zps666f8aca.jpg

 photo IMG_6237_zps90958f10.jpg

 photo IMG_6239_zps57181e2f.jpg

 photo IMG_6240_zps0eac3b77.jpg

 photo IMG_6241_zpse6567eb8.jpg


2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013 : Week 22

  1. Cristina says:

    I love the simplicity of your Project Life spreads. They always look so great.

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