Laguna Lake

 photo IMG_5872_zps20ea1593.jpg

Monday, the whole family hiked to Laguna Lake. We parked the car at the court house and made our way down the trail.

 photo IMG_5874_zpscee2c7c5.jpg

HUGE tumbleweed! Michael kicking it like in Arrested Development! Ha!

 photo IMG_5875_zpscec142b9.jpg

She plopped herself down multiple times. Poor girl.

 photo IMG_5877_zpsbbfc2b8b.jpg

Dad making sure Lo always had water.

 photo IMG_5879_zps86da3901.jpg

 photo IMG_5878_zpsf6cf0e01.jpg

Laguna Lake.

 photo IMG_5880_zps879c85d5.jpg

We did made it!

 photo IMG_5881_zps80532ee2.jpg

Walked back – 5 miles! GO us!


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