Alex’s Graduation Pt. 2

After the graduation the ceremony, we took a ton of photos outside.

One of his (favorite) professors.

 photo IMG_5740_zpsbe20d219.jpg

 photo IMG_5778_zps2edaea1a.jpg

Alex’s class.

 photo IMG_5753_zps6c30156b.jpg

Cousin Seanie.

 photo IMG_5757_zps64c2e808.jpg

Proud parents.

 photo IMG_5765_zps6b2db53e.jpg

Proud grandparents.

 photo IMG_5785_zps9f315749.jpg

Michael being.. Michael :)

 photo IMG_5794_zps8e976d27.jpg

 photo IMG_5795_zps49849661.jpg

 photo IMG_5802_zpsf1c3fb15.jpg

Totally appropriate socks..

 photo IMG_5805_zps3660dad3.jpg

 photo IMG_5807_zps2c2329bb.jpg


 photo IMG_5809_zps57442f5a.jpg

Proud Godparents.

 photo IMG_5816_zps2d5ee53f.jpg

 photo IMG_5821_zpsf93d4315.jpg

 photo IMG_5825_zps2107c2a1.jpg

 photo IMG_5828_zps43a471f3.jpg

 photo IMG_5833_zps7f7fca41.jpg

 photo IMG_5838_zpsf288b1d8.jpg

 photo IMG_5839_zps26ebd124.jpg

 photo IMG_5842_zpsd57eec23.jpg

WE HAD TO SIT DOWN AND AT LEAST ONE EPISODE OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! We considered chanting “We’re missing Arrested Development!” while Alex walked, but since it was such a small ceremony/group, we couldn’t.. – I think Michael whispered it instead.

 photo IMG_5846_zps2dd8e1e4.jpg

Afterwards, we had lunch and margaritas at Moreno’s in Orange.

 photo IMG_5860_zps4c734fa2.jpg

Congrats again, hermano!

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2 thoughts on “Alex’s Graduation Pt. 2

  1. Molly Curley says:

    You have a beautiful family! Congratulations to him!

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