Alex’s Graduation Pt. 1

At Mama and Papa’s party, Alex and the fam brainstormed on what to put on his cap. We debated quoting Arrested Development, “They don’t allow bees.” Alex came up with this idea and EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE ended up loving it!!!

 photo IMG_5635_zps7f192803.jpg

Mom and Alex before the ceremony.

 photo IMG_5649_zps0dd006f4.jpg

Michael picking up Mama and Papa. Haha.


Because Alex’s major only had 14 other students, he had his ceremony in the Gerontology building – yay!

 photo IMG_5662_zpsf0168784.jpg

Family in attendance:

 photo IMG_5665_zps6967edf9.jpg

 photo IMG_5670_zpse8d24da8.jpg


 photo IMG_5677_zps05e8c3b3.jpg

 photo IMG_5679_zps4f524c53.jpg

 photo IMG_5683_zps0b57930a.jpg

Lining up to walk.

 photo IMG_5692_zpsbd6ab83d.jpg

 photo IMG_5693_zpsa8d5adec.jpg

 photo IMG_5696_zps1a69b5e6.jpg

Because the ceremony was so small, they allowed the students to pick a couple of photos to show while they walk and accept their diploma. The first photo was of our family at the Grand Canyon. The second? This. PERFECT.

 photo IMG_5703_zpsa3e32035.jpg

 photo IMG_5707_zpsd2acaf29.jpg

 photo IMG_5711_zps0c4437a1.jpg

 photo IMG_5717_zps960f8054.jpg

 photo IMG_5723_zps1ff03e9f.jpg

He did it! Congrats!

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