Family Party For Hermano

A couple weeks ago, I found out my hermano would be graduating this May from Cal State Fullerton. I bought my ticket as soon as I could and flew in on a red eye over the weekend. Super excited to be with family!

We celebrated Alex’s graduation on Saturday at our grandma’s house.

 photo IMG_5577_zps3c9e4587.jpg

 photo IMG_5589_zps0790bb91.jpg

Michael went to a play before I made it to Mama and Papa’s. (I was still trying to wake up – took a muscle relaxer to get through the flight – so I got to the house later).

 photo IMG_5591_zpscd499ca5.jpg

 photo IMG_5600_zps5e93eef7.jpg

 photo IMG_5607_zps11defd94.jpg

 photo IMG_5633_zps06b42ced.jpg

 photo IMG_5614_zps656e91cf.jpg

Thanks Mama and Papa and family for everything! – Alex

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