The Ring

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful!  photo IMG_5476_zpsc97af020.jpg  photo IMG_5495_zps5a0836d3.jpg The ring. I thought I wanted the $40,000 Tiffany’s cushion engagement ring. After living in Hawaii for almost two years, I’ve grown up. A lot. What the heck was I thinking?? Who has that kind of money (or allows themselves to get into that kind of debt) for something to sit on your significant other’s finger? And where does the diamond/setting come from?? I mean, to each their own. But it should be about the love :) I told Trevor I would be happy with ANYTHING as long as we were environmentally conscious. Then we found Brilliant Earth. ” Brilliant Earth certifies that this fine jewelry purchase complies with the highest social and environmental standards. Brilliant Earth guarantees that all diamonds and colored gemstones in this order are conflict free and of superior quality. Each precious gemstone has been tracked from origin to final delivery to ensure that it has been ethically mined, cut, and polished, Brilliant Earth uses recycled precious metals in all of our jewelry to prevent additional destructive mining practices.”  photo IMG_5512_zps42213303.jpg  photo IMG_5522_zps2b31f914.jpg  photo IMG_5510_zps315df89f.jpg I LOVE it – the cut of the diamond, the diamond :), the halo, the super thin band! Good work, Mahpunk! So, now we’re engaged. And we have no clue when or where we’ll have the wedding. 2013. 2014. Hawaii or California. Or both. We’re just enjoying it all. All the love. Thanks, everyone! As of right now, I’ve been pinning.. and pinning.. Ladies, my Pinterest wedding ideas HERE!! So, check it ;)  photo IMG_2999_zpscad3ea2a.jpg  photo IMG_3002_zpsadf58180.jpg


4 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. Ting says:

    Beautiful photos! X

  2. Emily Murtha says:

    That’s a gorgeous ring!!! And I love Brilliant Earth. It just makes sense you know? Everyone wins!! (Clearly!!)

  3. tk says:

    so if not the $40,000 Tiffany’s, may I ask arounddd how much your beautiful Brilliant Earth ring was?? My boyfriend and I are in the planning/saving stages and I’m just trying to get an idea… thanks! all the best to you!

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