Not Your Typical Mother’s Day

I made sure to call my momma on Sunday. She’s definitely my everything. So selfless. So supportive. I’ve put her through a lot.. (LOVE YOU, MOM!)

 photo IMG_0028_zps3ff2abf2.jpg

For the last 3 weeks, Trevor and I have been waking up at 2:00 am every Saturday and Sunday morning to hike Stairway to Heaven. And for those 6 days, we’ve either woken up with a migraine (me), wanted to sleep in, attempted it twice, or it was too gloomy/windy/rainy. Despite all of that, Trevor was very persistent. Sunday morning, since it was raining, I made the executive decision to sleep in and lounge. I didn’t want to get blown off the mountain top! Plus, if it’s overcast, it’s not worth it. I want to experience this hike on a clear summer morning. And I’m willing to wait.

Lately we’ve been glued to our TV because we just started LOST (and the weather’s been crappy – at least on our side). A little late and we know the ending, but we’re kind of obsessed (just a little). We’ve also had fun yelling out what beach they’re on (in Hawaii/”The Island”). Trevor suggested we at least get dressed up and go to dinner – also, try to capture the sunset, or what little sun was out.

T found a place to take pictures and view the sunset – backside of Diamond Head (in Hawaii Kai). It was beautiful. We set up our tripod, tested the remote, and took a few pictures together.

 photo IMG_5332_zps74c02ac6.jpg

And then this happened:

 photo IMG_5367_zps178af88f.jpg

 photo IMG_5368_zps1c9fa5ff.jpg

 photo IMG_5370_zpsd3aafca4.jpg

 photo IMG_5369_zps7c1a618b.jpg

 photo IMG_5371_zps537cd93d.jpg

 photo IMG_5372_zps0bfd4418.jpg

 photo IMG_5373_zps197853f1.jpg

 photo IMG_5374_zps73a4cf5d.jpg


And then we joked around and took more photos! This is why I love us – we’re goobs!

 photo IMG_5387_zps6610a26b.jpg

 photo IMG_5388_zps3b41f998.jpg

 photo IMG_5389_zpse9924ea9.jpg

 photo IMG_5390_zps4dafb511.jpg

Took a few more pictures :)

 photo IMG_5441_zpscf18cb3e.jpg

 photo IMG_5447_zps44f69bf6.jpg

 photo IMG_5457_zps7aafab8b.jpg

 photo IMG_5459_zps91d302c0.jpg

Afterwards, we celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants, Roy’s!

The HK’s “Triple Play” – Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, hamachi, yamagobo & garlic aioli. The best roll we’ve had!

 photo IMG_5461_zps9788dbbd.jpg

I had to have their salmon!!

 photo IMG_5463_zps76d8ef99.jpg

T had the ahi.

 photo IMG_5466_zpsa52354b3.jpg

Celebrated with some lilikoi cheesecake, chocolate souffle, and a complimentary CONGRATS dessert.

 photo IMG_5472_zpsed5d47d2.jpg

 photo IMG_5471_zps23093018.jpg

 photo IMG_5473_zps172c2283.jpg


I’ll put up pictures of the ring after I get a manicure ;)

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5 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Mother’s Day

  1. Sooooo Awesome Marissa!!!

  2. Kelsy Thaete says:

    I love it!! I shed a tear not gonna lie – WAY TO GO T!!!! Myke said the last 4 pics of you guys is called the “she’s happy death grip”! LOL which apparently is a real thing we do to our men when they do amazing things… we just want to hug them to death! Congrats again you two – couldn’t image a more perfect couple!

  3. Emily Murtha says:

    Wow! So cool you have pics!!! Congratulations :)

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