Living In Paradise

T and I have been dog sitting this adorable pup. And thanks to her, I’ve been getting up and walking/running with her. I was able to catch the most gorgeous sunrise. Lucky us!

 photo IMG_2696_zps36528e5e.jpg

 photo IMG_2689_zps21888ee4.jpg

(I LOVE my panoramic iPhone app!)

 photo IMG_2684_zpsa39623db.jpg

Since getting my moped back, I have been so much happier. My breaks consist of sitting under the shade from a palm tree, instead of walking from school to the family’s house in just enough time..

 photo IMG_2726_2_zps998b2f34.jpg

My last walk with Luna broke my heart. Having a pup in the house made me miss my own pup. She would loooove Hawaii.. Lo, you’re the only pup who has my heart. No worries, family. We won’t be adopting any dogs. Waiting on my little deer pig.

 photo IMG_2719_2_zps2314de68.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Living In Paradise

  1. Mirandy T says:

    I followed you on instagram cause of all your awesome Hawai’i pics, decided to check out your blog & it is awesome! Your pics make me miss Hawaii so much!!

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