Busy Sunday Part 2

After Pillbox, we ran a few errands and then helped a friend dog sit! We took Luna on a loooooooong hike – Trev’s old PT route.

 photo IMG_4748_zpsb2195dc0.jpg

 photo IMG_4752_zpsc4d9c9f1.jpg

 photo IMG_4754_zpsc0e76a16.jpg

She LOVES the water!

 photo IMG_2676_zpsbbcb40af.jpg


 photo IMG_2704_zps28e6bed1.jpg

We watched a few surfers.

 photo IMG_2659_zps4d4b545c.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zpsf6b45b32.jpg

 photo IMG_4942_zps03241ef3.jpg

 photo IMG_4938_zps92903861.jpg

 photo IMG_4941_zpse226a0b6.jpg

After our North Beach walk, Luna still had enough energy for the dog park.

 photo IMG_4961_zpsa73fe298.jpg

Letting me know she’s ready :)

 photo IMG_2706_zpseb951ecb.jpg

Later that night, I took Luna for yet another walk. We admired the sunset together.

 photo IMG_2654_zpsf3e3d176.jpg

 photo IMG_2656_zpse9f495e5.jpg


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