Project Life 2013 : Week 16

Week 16!

 photo IMG_4678_zps44563c1e.jpg

We took Alex to Leonard’s and then dropped him off at HNL :( Friday, I spent the ENTIRE day at Starbucks and work.. My grandparents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary!!

 photo IMG_4682_zps9a29a497.jpg

I cheated and used that photo of the Mokulua Islands from last week in this layout. We FINALLY washed the truck! T fixed the vacuum machine that was jammed with quarters. I accidently opened the air freshener all the way. OUR FRIEND MERITORIOUSLY EARNED THE RANK OF CHIEF AND HIM AND HIS WIFE ARE EXPECTING!

 photo IMG_4684_zps7f736be3.jpg

 photo IMG_4685_zps501ab139.jpg

 photo IMG_4689_zpsa9128c6c.jpg

 photo IMG_4686_zps4893c1a7.jpg

 photo IMG_4688_zps3202f3a6.jpg


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