Our babies are all grown up!

Yesterday we released 3 more butterflies!

We’ve been raising 15 caterpillars and so far have let 5 butterflies go. We have a milk weed plant in front of our house but last week the gardeners butchered it!! Luckily, I saved those 15 the day before (not knowing! Just on a whim bought a butterfly keeper.). Prior to the butchering, I had never noticed any chrysalises. Thought maybe the geckos, lizards, and birds ate the caterpillars before they could cocoon.. So, I’ve been enjoying watching these little guys get big! T on the other hand hates the smell of our house when we get home – hot milk weed leaves. Oh, well. It makes me happy to see these guys fly away :D

 photo IMG_4526_zps7ab8867e.jpg

 photo IMG_2580_zps3491b38e.jpg

 photo IMG_2584_zps2f9061a9.jpg

 photo IMG_4554_zps9e3f063c.jpg

 photo IMG_4558_zpsb6dfd9a0.jpg

 photo IMG_2581_zpsdd4696e3.jpg

 photo IMG_2582_zps70fe2d96.jpg

 photo IMG_2583_zps6275c51b.jpg

 photo IMG_4618_zps44884736.jpg

 photo IMG_2590_zps37659ad0.jpg

So very obsessed with this little project :) How I love mother earth. What a wonderful world we have when we can appreciate the beauty of nature.

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