Car Wash & Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friends

We had a super lazy weekend but one thing we HAD to do was wash the truck! It’s been totally neglected! AND we missed her first birthday. I’ve been begging T to get her the overdue oil change she needs as well as a full on detail (Christmas gift from me..). We at least washed her.. Oh boy, it was filled with sand!

 photo IMG_4428_zpsc65b437f.jpg

T fixed the vacuum machine by grabbing his tweezers (forceps to be correct) and pulling out 6 jammed quarters :)

 photo IMG_4468_zps6a8de2eb.jpg

We used the $1.50 to buy a coconut air freshener. I didn’t know it had instructions. Apparently, you’re not supposed to take the plastic off completely. It stunk up the truck!

 photo IMG_4470_zpsadbf6b16.jpg

THEN last night, we found this pup in Lanikai. Poor thing had her tail between her legs.

 photo IMG_4488_zps573e2767.jpg

We fed her. Gave her water. Played in the backyard! And took her on a long walk. She was one happy pup. Thankfully, she belonged to our neighbors a couple houses down :) We dropped her off to a very concerned and loving family. (It was very bittersweet – to have a dog in the house, to walk the loop, to cuddle. Lately, I’ve been so exhausted after work. I eat dinner and go to bed. But having a dog, I was wide-eyed and alive :) It made me miss Lola Love!!!! She would LOVE Lanikai.. ;( We need to find a place that’ll allow dogs ;( I love you, pup. Miss you like crazy.)

 photo IMG_4521_zps34d413a9.jpg



2 thoughts on “Car Wash & Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friends

  1. stephsoul says:

    and isn’t it ironic… I had a car like this one. today it ran down… ;(

  2. What a bummer ;( Sorry to hear..

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