Project Life 2013 : Week 15

Week 15 + insert! Favorite layout so far!

 photo IMG_4481_zpsa929b252.jpg

 photo IMG_4482_zps286338f9.jpg

T and I drove to the North Shore. We bought some art from Two Crows.

 photo IMG_4472_zps72fb63ef.jpg

Alex came to visit!! We had Crepes No Ka Oi.

 photo IMG_4477_zps7ba31d02.jpg

We checked out the Kailua Farmers Market. We surfed. Walked to Buzz’s to grab drinks and appetizers.

 photo IMG_4476_zpsee608c24.jpg

We had Boots and Kimo for breakfast. Checked out the view of Diamond Head. Enjoyed dinner at Tokoname. Also went to the Mayjah Rayjah.

 photo IMG_4480_zps87143313.jpg

 photo IMG_4485_zpsbb163847.jpg

 photo IMG_4484_zpse6eb584b.jpg

 photo IMG_4486_zpsa990c18e.jpg

 photo IMG_4483_zps4474e716.jpg

 photo IMG_4487_zpsea4491d1.jpg


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