Going Organic : Skin Care

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SUPER old photo :)

Earth Day is approaching and I’d like to call myself a hippy. Not to the extent of using leaves for toilet paper – I guess I’m just environmentally conscious. I think it all started young watching Little Mermaid and taking family camping vacations to the Redwoods. My favorite shirt for a long time was this pink “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” shirt from Wet Seal (remember? it used to be where the Apple store is now.. Crazy..).

And after surfing off and on for 5 years, I have a huge love for the ocean. Scuba qualified, I have a huge respect for sea life. Owning my first pet, I have a huge heart for animals. Living in Hawaii, I have a huge admiration for people who fight against GMOs, oil companies, etc.

This year T and I have been on a vegetarian/vegan quest (well, I HAVE). After watching Vegucated and Tapped, I have drastically changed my views on acceptable food and water. It’s definitely hard to be vegetarian/vegan ESPECIALLY when food in Hawaii is SUPER ONO! I do occasionally succumb to Maguro Dynamite rolls and turkey tacos with homemade salsa.. And sometimes I totally forget to say no to cheese! I guess I’m just trying to LIMIT my meat and dairy consumption.

In addition to eating healthier (no processed food and watching out for companies that support GMOs), we look out for our carbon footprint. We pre-cycle – when purchasing an item, we think about what we’ll do with it afterwards. Is the container recyclable? Is it at least environmentally friendlier than its competitors? You have NO idea how many peanut butter and spaghetti glass jars line our kitchen sink.. I plan on up-cycling them.

*Side note – T will NOT buy the recycled toilet paper. He’s not ready to skimp out on that luxury.

But currently, with 9 weeks of moped drama (and no end in sight) AND my 73 hour work period with a 4-year-old child with autism, my mental and physical health is lacking the attention it needs and deserves. Waking up at 4:00 am, tens of sweetened soy iced coffees, and 13+ hours straight being on this dreadful military base (it’s only dreadful because I spend way more time there than actually sleeping).

 photo Photo15_zps1791232d.jpg
(4/19 – Up at 4am, hanging out til 5am for Starbucks to open.)

With this amount of stress and lack of sleep, my skin is a mess. That’s why I’ve decided to take action – organic action ;) I’m taking a tip from Elise’s blog (one of my favorite blogs that I check daily). Why organic? I don’t want to use chemicals!

 photo 6a00d8341c71c353ef0162fbcd3319970d_zps24bf5668.jpg

I’ve purchased 1.Avalon Organics Vitamin C Cleansing Milk, 2.Pangea Oragnics Skin Mask, 3.Pangea Organics Facial Toner, and 4.Pangea Organics Facial Cream (some advice from THIS POST).

 photo photo1_zps639fb8ff.jpg

And really, it’s a step forward. Better than falling asleep in MAC makeup (that has to change too.. probably to Bare Minerals?).

And I already have 5.Coconut Oil and 6.Burt’s Bees pomegranate chap stick.

 photo photo2_zps970b27d3.jpg

*Thanks to T, that chap stick reminds me of the first few months of dating and deployment.


3 thoughts on “Going Organic : Skin Care

  1. You work with an autistic kid? I’d love to hear more about your experiences and job. My twins are autistic and we have been extremely fortunate to have been in three ABA schools. The boys will be in kindergarten and we may main stream them. We toss around moving home to Maui but with the cost of raising special needs twins plus cost of living in Hawaii, not sure we can swing it yet.

  2. Thanks for this post! As a blogger who recommends great products to people, I can really appreciate it! Its great when a product that is fantastic to begin with also happens to be organic. Such an easy way to do something good for our planet!

    – Buy It For Life

  3. I do work with a child with Autistim. He is 4 years old and I have been working with him for the last year and a half. I am his one on one at school (I sit next to him in circle time, learning activities, music and story, etc.) and take data on his behavior and IEP goals. Then, I do home program with him after school. There are always pros and cons to mainstreaming, but in the end, it’s the parents’ decision. Whatever you decide will be the right choice. I love Maui, but if you’re on the mainland, there are many more programs available (depending on what state you’re in). It is expensive to live in Hawaii :( Again, whatever you decide will be the right choice :)

    Thanks Buy It For Life! Exactly!

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