North Shore Cruisin’

Sunday morning I asked T if we could cruise the scenic route to the North Shore. We planned to pick up breakfast burritos from Bowles (we gave them a third chance) and head to China Man’s Hat.  photo IMG_4057_zps0e33894d.jpg  photo IMG_4058_zpsbc697f93.jpg The morning started off a little gloomy. But it didn’t bother us and our Sunday adventure :)  photo IMG_4069_zpsb49271f9.jpg  photo IMG_4073_zpsa0e9e1c5.jpg It looks like I’m wearing China Man’s Hat.  photo IMG_4070_zps6dfa2c70.jpg  photo IMG_4074_zps98cc09c3.jpg  photo IMG_4076_zpsa5703ba5.jpg  photo IMG_4082_zps82b98b16.jpg Our next stop was this beach.  photo IMG_4084_zpsce258bbe.jpg  photo IMG_4085_zpsfa2b70b5.jpg  photo IMG_4086_zps572bf92d.jpg  photo IMG_4087_zps03206228.jpg We always drive by this swing and this time, I wanted to take pictures :)  photo IMG_4092_zpsf8d171b2.jpg  photo IMG_2324_zpse377b365.jpg  photo IMG_4115_zpsac206453.jpg  photo IMG_4137_zps7cbd950f.jpg  photo IMG_2312_zps70f0123d.jpg  photo IMG_4146_zpsc3e78189.jpg  photo IMG_2313_zps010b17f4.jpg  photo IMG_2317_zpscbc74d71.jpg  photo IMG_2332_zps71735778.jpg  photo IMG_2329_zpsd81ff9f2.jpg We drove by Waimea Bay.  photo IMG_4196_zpseef69817.jpg Stopped by Puena Point to check out the surf. It was pretty decent. Probably should have brought our boards for a quick sesh.  photo IMG_4202_zpse84ef877.jpg Watched the turtles!  photo IMG_4203_zpsdc36611b.jpg  photo IMG_2318_zps7370c473.jpg Our last stop, the Waialua Sugar Mill where Two Crows works out of.  photo IMG_2315_zps527ce220.jpg  photo IMG_4212_zps19fcc0a4.jpg We shuffled through ALL of their art and found these 3 pieces. I would have EASILY bought more! Their art is pretty sick! I’d fill our house with it if I could! Three at a time ;)  photo IMG_4211_zps53020a2e.jpg Look at this masterpiece.. I dieeeeee. Anyone want to donate $5,000?! It’s for a good cause ;)  photo IMG_4213_zpsaaae11d5.jpg We spent the rest of our Sunday buying fruit, napping, and cleaning the house. MY BROTHER FLIES IN TONIGHT!! And we’re excited to see him!

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