Cupcakes & Date Night

As I left my student’s house to meet Trevor outside in the truck after a LOOONG day of work, I was surprised by my lovely boyfriend – cupcakes! Along with a new Hurley Sea Warriors shirt from HPU! Guess bf knew it was a rough week and we each deserved cupcakes and shirts :)

 photo IMG_3995_zps665630cc.jpg

T got us both red velvet (By the way, I LOVE quoting Penny from Happy Endings, “Red velvet? That’s just chocolate with food coloring, ya dumb moron.” Hahaha.), a mango, and a root beer.

 photo IMG_3996_zps3931f393.jpg

I’m sorry to say but they weren’t that great.. Ha, but T and I were happy to indulge.

 photo IMG_4001_zps8969a7ce.jpg

As you can see, I must have had a loooooooong work week..

 photo IMG_4005_zpsad759da5.jpg

Saturday we surfed Barbers Point AGAIN! And it was so fun! Bigger waves. And our new shirts! And we ran into the VW bus from last Sunday!

 photo IMG_4031_2_zps4423e77f.jpg

Saturday night we had a date :) We ate dinner at Tokoname, one of our favorite local sushi spots.

 photo IMG_4044_zps6c8c13b9.jpg

 photo IMG_4047_zpsd7add0fe.jpg

Trevor wanted me to try something new. I’m usually reluctant to try new things because I know what I like and I’m pretty sure I know what I don’t like. But I took his advice and tried the Maguro roll (spicy ahi tuna baked on a cali roll, topped with a kabayaki sauce). IT WAS SUPER ONO! My new favorite roll!!

 photo IMG_4049_zps12f8f457.jpg

We finished our meal with a scoop of green tea ice cream.

 photo IMG_4054_zps79a65b68.jpg

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.


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