Project Life 2013 : Week 13

Week 13 :)

 photo IMG_4039_zps546b0183.jpg

Sunday, we had pizza and cake to celebrate my Aunt Suzie’s birthday and a bon voyage to my grandparents, aunt, and cousin – luckies!! I spend my last few days in CA hanging out with my pup. Michael drove Lo and I to FJC to pick up books (that was an experience!).

 photo IMG_4040_zpsea5242d2.jpg

Dad made us chicken and bellpeppers for my last dinner home (Lo helped). I got stuck at the airport for 8 1/2 hours and couldn’t stop quoting 30 Rock’s Double Edge Sword episode. Thursday, T and I went to the farmers market again. We had crepes for dessert! Checked on on the babe – our pineapple. And lastly, my mom and dad had their 28th wedding anniversary!! Congrats! I’m so lucky to have parents like them. They’re the best.

 photo IMG_4041_zpsfbb402e7.jpg

 photo IMG_4042_zpsdebc82ba.jpg

 photo IMG_4043_zpsa05262fa.jpg


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