What better way to spend Easter than surfing?? Thanking God for mother earth. For our family. For our health. We woke up early to drive to Barber’s Point and surf! 2-4ft.

 photo GOPR8849_zps727a396c.jpg

 photo GOPR8866_zps20924936.jpg

 photo GOPR8868_zpsd3d48be5.jpg

 photo GOPR8870_zpsf77ed2d6.jpg

We’ve been finding VW buses and leaving notes for the last week. Notes? We’ve been asking them if they would let us use their bus for any future photo shoots? ;) So far, we’ve found two buses and both owners said YES!

 photo IMG_3941_zps3cbfbc75.jpg

 photo IMG_3942_zps82e4b5d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3951_zps1ea09e49.jpg

We had Easter brunch at the Hale Koa Hotel. We’ve eaten at their Champagne Buffet before and LOVED it. We should have known.. Don’t eat there on a holiday. There were smaller varieties of food, the champagne was extra (usually bottomless mimosas), lots of tourists, and the food was cold. O well. I had a good time with T.

 photo IMG_3978_zps2007c0be.jpg

The ride home. It was a beautiful day.

 photo IMG_3967_zps17d55f95.jpg

I love that this is our view.

 photo IMG_3975_zpsf9a51361.jpg

 photo IMG_3976_zps81b0444e.jpg

Happy (belated) Easter!

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