Sea asparagus love affair.. Ha.

We hung out at the farmers market in Kailua Thursday night. There were a TON of colorful plants with gnarly patterns. I wanted to get them all.

 photo IMG_3909_zpsde996b05.jpg

 photo IMG_3910_zps01130939.jpg

 photo IMG_3911_zps502e0d71.jpg

 photo IMG_3912_zps8171cbab.jpg

I loved all the orchids.

 photo IMG_3917_zps89dbba0b.jpg

T got the Mongolian Beef.

 photo IMG_3919_zpsd88d5720.jpg

I got these rolls and a jar of sea asparagus pesto.. Mmm.

 photo IMG_3921_zps808e1249.jpg

 photo IMG_3922_zps9af59e6f.jpg

 photo IMG_3931_zps6706b141.jpg

For dessert, we had crepes from Petite Suisse Crepes. They were delicious!

 photo IMG_3935_zpse6b50ec8.jpg

I’m so excited to use this on jicama! (When we were little, my dad used to make pesto and slice up some jicama – I should probably send him a jar :))

 photo IMG_3939_zps4dee6608.jpg


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