Project Life 2013 : Week 12

Week 12! My favorite layout so far!

 photo IMG_3982_zps4abb8dcc.jpg

 photo IMG_3984_zps931dba72.jpg

Katie, George and I did the Pillbox hike for St. Patty’s Day. We took a ton of photos and had a blast!

 photo IMG_3986_zps093b5a7f.jpg

I added an insert!
Tuesday George and I had an adventure. We went to Bellows and saw piggies, took pictures, we toured the island via the scenic route ;) Then we all surfed Tonggs.

 photo IMG_3989_zps98e954d5.jpg

Tuesday night we all had dinner at Soul de Cuba. We enjoyed appetizers, caipirinhas, and dessert. Wednesday I flew home for spring break.

 photo IMG_3988_zpsa4ca3eba.jpg

I skyped T, I hung out with Lola A LOT, Mom and I had a spa day :), the fam and I had pho and saw Admission, Dad cooked us dinner, Michael practiced driving, and I went to DTF with Erica and Lauren.

 photo IMG_3987_zpsfc39a997.jpg

 photo IMG_3990_zps38afe632.jpg

 photo IMG_3991_zpsc83cff74.jpg

 photo IMG_3992_zps69f2b03e.jpg


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