Home For Spring Break

Last year, the fam joined me and T for spring break on Oahu!

(here’s Spring Break ’12 blog posts)

This year, I visited them. I didn’t take that many photos this trip. I mostly stayed home with Shmo while everyone worked. It was nice just relaxing with family.

I FINALLY had a window seat facing gorgeous Diamond Head <3

 photo IMG_1825_zpsfb76afdc.jpg

Mom and I had our first mother daughter spa day. It was glorious. We also got mani pedis AND ate cupcakes. It was perfect.

Michael drove the family to pho. A little scary.. But keep practicin’ ;)

 photo IMG_3862_zpsbf762fa2.jpg

I Skyped with T. It was like we were deployed again. I didn’t like it. Trev would have joined us but he had finals. He aced both classes by the way ;)

 photo IMG_1814_zpsccef0a66.png

I joined Erica and Lauren in Downtown Fullerton. I just love these girls. Enjoying drinks and laughs with them is worth the killer hangover.

 photo IMG_1875_zpsaa1e93be.jpg

 photo IMG_1885_zps1fc0d59c.jpg

Lastly, Mama had a birthday party at her house for Aunt Suzie. Again, very few photos.

Love her potted succulents! They’re just dreamy.

 photo IMG_3867_zps661307bd.jpg

The only 3 girl cousins :)

 photo IMG_3872_zpsdab9f14b.jpg

My Sol Sol.

 photo IMG_3875_zps10a340bb.jpg

 photo IMG_3878_zpsd1ec2a52.jpg

Mama’s gorgeous flowers. They were soooo beautiful.

 photo IMG_3884_zpsf5c7d91c.jpg

 photo IMG_3886_zps47e3337e.jpg

 photo IMG_3889_zpsd5b44f77.jpg

Thanks family for everything! I love and miss you guys!

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