Hanging Out With Shmo

I am definitely a dog person. I mean, I’ve had fish, turtles, and until recently, cats. Since finding Lola, my idea of a pet has changed. She is the best. She is my everything. She loves me. And I love her. It’s been hard living in Hawaii without her. The plus side, she is queen at my parents’ house ;)

Like here, Lola helps my dad cook most nights. And because she’s so well behaved, she gets snacks throughout the night. So, dad made spicy linguini for my first dinner home.

 photo IMG_3852_zps7566ead5.jpg

She’s so independent. When we’re almost home from our walk, she’ll look up at me (or my parents) like she’s asking for her leash and walk herself to the door.

 photo IMG_1807_zpse6e9fa72.jpg

Our last walk. She was so tired she laid down on a neighbor’s yard before passing out at home.

 photo IMG_1925_zpsed0bf188.jpg

She’s my little deer pig.

 photo IMG_1859_zps01a2d6ed.jpg

She does the silliest things.

 photo IMG_1903_zpsd8843236.jpg

She joined me on a practice driving lesson with Michael. That was an interesting experience.. Ha.

 photo IMG_3901_zps7e0faf5c.jpg

And my last dinner at home. Dad made chicken and bell peppers with thai noodles. And Lola helped.

 photo IMG_3906_zpsc6df7ba9.jpg

I miss that sweet little girl. I’ll see you soon, Shmo Shmeeta. We’re still looking for a place with a yard for you.

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