St. Patty’s Day

St. Patty’s Day morning George and Katie and invited us on a hike to the Pillboxes. But because T had a TON of homework, he decided he should stay home. We gave George and Katie a tour of our place and backyard and then we were off.

 photo IMG_5026_zps703a5c26.jpg

 photo IMG_5096_zps19472e7b.jpg

 photo IMG_5037_zps48af6b08.jpg

It was the clearest I’ve ever seen!!!

 photo IMG_5085_zps559b8cb7.jpg

 photo IMG_5130_zps814f5392.jpg

 photo IMG_5132_zps6f001c96.jpg photo IMG_5135_zps9f621edc.jpg

 photo IMG_5142_zps8c8ae7ea.jpg

 photo IMG_5145_zps9a2bb4c0.jpg

Hey, Trevor! We could probably see him if he stepped outside!

 photo IMG_3559_zps38c351c6.jpg

 photo IMG_3561_zps42e00287.jpg


 photo IMG_3562_zps815a2ea9.jpg

We took a ton of silly photos up there!

 photo IMG_3735_2_zpsf7098e7e.jpg

 photo IMG_3773_zpse5f70dae.jpg

Oh, those cheer days…

 photo IMG_3682_zpsddff2e3b.jpg

 photo IMG_3828_zpscab78c9f.jpg

 photo IMG_3831_zpsb20f93bf.jpg

After the hike, we got all our stuff together and surfed the south shore! I got some great photos!

 photo IMG_1849_zpsb65a1ac1.jpg

 photo IMG_1791_zps28927ad8.jpg

We then drove to the North Shore to check out the art show. We made it 15 minutes before it ended.

 photo 602777_467774336609022_1018544486_n_zpsa74e779a.jpg

I found Heather Brown’s Enchanted Hawaiian Islands piece I had been looking for forever! I posted this on Instagram and she said MAHALO!

 photo IMG_1750_zps643e56fa.jpg

 photo IMG_4994_zps266d25fa.jpg

 photo IMG_5003_zps67bd1637.jpg

We had dinner around the corner. Sushi. Banana tempura and green tea ice cream.

 photo IMG_3520_zps20079572.jpg

 photo IMG_1773_zpsc1431e3f.jpg

It was a perfect day!

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