Big G’s in town!

Big G’s in town! We met him and Katie at Ono Seafood for the BEST spicy ahi poke! Ever!

 photo IMG_3709_zpsd8fb0e38.jpg

 photo IMG_3514_zpsb64e47c3.jpg

After lunch, we surfed! This wave might not look like much, but I think it’s one of the biggest waves I’ve ever dropped in on!

 photo GOPR4406_zpsf3b2fd05.jpg

 photo GOPR4407_zps595ac9be.jpg

 photo GOPR4408_zps90634987.jpg

 photo GOPR4409_zps43483107.jpg

Unfortunately, someone was on it. And I had to bail.

 photo GOPR4410_zps5a3da14e.jpg

Still, we had an awesome time out there!

 photo GOPR4412_zps2be74ef7.jpg

I think that’s Katie.

 photo GOPR4447_zpsb8d70f26.jpg

At the end of every wave, I walk to the back of my board and jump off.

gifs creator

An perfect surf sesh with the perfect people.

 photo GOPR6438_zpsebc266ab.jpg

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