Project Life 2013 : Week 10

Week 10!

 photo PLfixed_zpscce52570.jpg

I had my first 8 hour shift: 8-12p school, 12-12:30p lunch break while my student naps, 12:30-2p we work one-on-one in the cafeteria, and 3-5p home services. I’ve watched 30 Rock from season 1 to 6 on Netflix about 7 times. I asked my dad to send pictures of Shmo. I’ve been missing her. We released about 8 butterflies so far (in my student’s classroom). We also had a sub Thur. and Fri. and the kids were roudy. So I coursed them into playing the silent game. I also took pictures of them “to show their moms and dads that they were eating their lunches.”

 photo PLfixed2_zps5012b3bb.jpg

Thursday, Trevor and I ran the loop and then jumped in the ocean and stared at stars. We activated our Costco card. I’ve been eating berries non stop. An old friend from high school posted a photo of us on her Instagram for “#throwbackthursday”. Look at us :) Trevor worked on a paper for his political science class. His topic, same sex marriage and the defense against marriage act. And on Saturday, I caught a rainbow in the backyard. And played with my fish eye lens I got for Christmas from T’s mom :)

 photo IMG_3534_zps55665536.jpg

 photo IMG_3537_zpsdddf57dd.jpg

 photo IMG_3536_zpsd2c449c5.jpg


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