A Run, A Swim, & A Bowl Of Berries

Has it really been a week in a half since I’ve been in the water? Ugh. On Tuesday I had my first 8-hour-day with my student. And Trevor’s in the middle of finals. We’re both trying to make time to exercise. Sunday we did KT Hill. Wednesday I FINALLY went back to hot yoga. And tonight I made T run the loop with me. We finished up around 8p and then hopped into the ocean. It was perfect. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often. Staring up at the stars? After getting out, we had leftover turkey, black beans, homemade salsa (thanks to my Mama) tacos. Dessert = a bowl full of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries (from Costco – another gift from my grandma!). I know, I know. They’re not local but a TEENY TINY little thing of berries at the commissary is $5. And I would have finished that in a day. Costco is my jam now, literally. Fruit fruit fruit.

Anyways, life’s good.

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One thought on “A Run, A Swim, & A Bowl Of Berries

  1. Mom says:

    Just finishing up some paperwork. Why are we not in Hawaii??? I love your “Late Night Dip”. Come to California and help your mom learn some cool techie tricks!
    Love you forever, Mom

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