A Formaggio’s Surprise

Monday, I told T that Paula Fuga would be performing at Formaggio’s on Wednesday night. He thought it was a good idea and made reservations. He joked and said, “how funny would it be if Jack Johnson showed up?” I thought, no way. North Shore to Kailua? (I should’ve known anything can happen in Hawaii ;)).

Last night, as we were enjoying our appetizer and listening to Paula sing it, I saw a handsome dude ;) walk in. It was him. T was totally right. Cherry on top, he sang two songs with Paula. I totally could have bombarded him and asked for a photo or a signature, BUT I know I’ll run into him again! Ha, in the last year I’ve seen him in concert once (waiting for tickets / Hawaii Theater) and 3 separate impromptu “concerts” (North Shore farmer’s market, A Deeper Shade of Blue premier, and last night).

I’ll see you around, Jack ;)

 photo IMG_1399_2_zps8625b802.jpg

 photo IMG_1401_2_zpse357a067.jpg

 photo IMG_1405_2_zps598d3f97.jpg

*I really need to learn how to take photos in darker settings.. These are from my iPhone

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