Over The Weekend

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T and I had a double date Friday night with Gabi and Mike at Duke’s. We enjoyed dinner and drinks.

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Trevor and I woke up early and drove down to Pearl Harbor for one of his junior sailor’s uniform and room re-inspections. We took advantage of being on that side of the island and went to Hickam AFB for a run. It was sunny. We joked around. We had a good time together.

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We had breakfast at the Wright Bros Cafe.

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We went to Target after breakfast and bought a new blanket and decorative pillow. “It’s not for faces.” T talking about the knotted pillow. Haha.

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He napped while I worked on calculating how much it will cost to fix my moped. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks without transportation. And it’s been freaking hard. Carpooling. Waking up SUPER early. Staying on base SUPER late. Waiting for rides. Taking taxis. It’s going to be about $1,160.. Money I DO NOT have. On top of that, my job is officially crazy. I got sick and still have no sub.. AH! Too much stress. That’s why it was nice to see a movie last night. We saw Identity Thief. I needed a laugh. Hopefully this week will go better than last..

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