(Belated) Valentine’s Day Dive

This is what my Valentine’s Day gift looked like: Clues. So, Saturday we dove the South Shore. We woke up super early to get on a boat with 4 other people.

On a side note, we need to invest in wetsuits. The spring suits they have just don’t cut it!

 photo IMG_3175_zps588a0ed1.jpg

 photo GOPR3664_zpsc83179a5.jpg

 photo GOPR3681_zpsf05a5d40.jpg

 photo GOPR3715_zps30f33d05.jpg

 photo GOPR3736_zps0fa5dc8c.jpg

 photo GOPR3759_zps9d2a4619.jpg

 photo GOPR3766_zps71e11ce3.jpg

 photo GOPR3774_zpsf9f8c7cd.jpg

 photo GOPR3779_zps693fe94c.jpg

 photo GOPR3791_zps43f03bf9.jpg

There were a ton of sharks under the wreck. We didn’t get a picture of the larger sharks which I’m kind of bummed about, but still.. SHARKS outside of a cage?! Pretty cool.

 photo GOPR3815_zpseb30d4bf.jpg

 photo GOPR3829_zps22b01785.jpg

 photo GOPR3867_zps974cc156.jpg

 photo GOPR3904_zps52e2caee.jpg

 photo GOPR3920_zpsbfa355bf.jpg

 photo GOPR4152_zps22364306.jpg

 photo IMG_3193_2_zps4aa28b97.jpg

We had a great time. But afterwards, we (and I mean I) easily slept for 18 hours. Something about diving makes me want to sleep for daysssssss.

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