Project Life 2013 : Week 5

I fell behind last week getting my layout together. Everything was in its spot except for the photos from T’s promotion ceremony. Now that I’m a week late, I think I’ll keep it like this. It’ll give me time to put my week together instead of dragging T to Walgreen’s Saturday night to pick up photos.


We spent Sunday night putting out the sand bags as a “just in case.” We saw Silver Linings Playbook and it was UH-MOZ-ING! I had my doubts, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mom, Dad, and Michael went to eat Korean BBQ. While they were out, Lo decided she’d run the house – sleeping on Mom and Dad’s bed.


I inserted a photo by cutting down a 12×12 page protector and sewing my photo into it.


We were pretty excited to see that ^^^ photo as the opening page for the medical clinics. T said a bunch a people asked him who the girl next to him was ;) Many of them women technicians, told him to be good to me ;)

*I forgot to let it dry and it smudged.. Oh, well.


Pictures I received from T’s promotion ceremony. There’s a YouTube video of his speech ;) And last but not last, I had my first girls’ night with Gabi (an old friend from high school who’s now stationed in HI). We had drinks and tons of laughs at Duke’s and Rum Fire.



*I guess I used ALL my space over at Photobucket and so now I’m trying out Flikr. If the photos are stretched, I’m sorry. Still new to all this stuff.


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