Goodbye, Blonde Locks

Trevor wanted to try a new barber shop in China Town. Recently, he’s become interested in straight razors, strops, and the royal treatment from an old barber shop (my boyfriend has an old-er soul). Over Christmas, my parents bought him a straight razor kit. On top of that, the Anaheim Promenade opened the manliest barber shop ever! Barbeer gives traditional haircuts, straight razor shaves, and serves alcohol. I’m not saying it’s great because of the booze, but my dude can have a beer while he gets a haircut? That’s pretty cool. And the atmosphere and look of the place is perfect! All I want to say to T is “TREAT YO SELF!” Parks & Rec. quote.. :)

If you’re in Orange county, check out Barbeer’s reviews AND pictures(!!) HERE.

Back to the story: In China Town:
The lady (yes, lady.. no offense but if we wanted a chick we’d go to a salon) chopped off all of T’s blonde curls he was combing over.. A sad day.. Anyways, the front room set up is cute, but overall, it’s no Anaheim..



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