Project Life 2013 : Week 1

I have been waiting to start Project Life (PL) for about 4 months. I discovered Elise Joy’s blog and was fascinated with how crafty she was. She bakes bread, makes pizza, DIY’s almost everything – she DIY’ed her own wedding and it was beautiful. I have been missing a crafty outlet for awhile now (since leaving the City of Fullerton) and needed something to help me wind down after a LONG day of work.. and paint and canvases are pretty expensive (dang you, Ben Franklin’s!). So until Jan. 1, 2013, I checked Elise’s blog a couple times a day for new posts and inspiration. She’s pretty amazing. But what I like most about her blog is how she she archives her life, not only through the blog but with Project Life. It’s super easy. You insert photos into Becky Higgin’s photo pocket pages and that’s (basically) it. Through Elise’s blog, Pinterest, and Instragram, I have found a TON of creative people. I am not as creative as I thought, so I’ve used a lot of these crafty women’s past PL’s as a template. I think throughout 2013, it’ll get better.

So, here we go. I used Katrina Simeck’s 2012 Resolutions as a template for my 2013 goals.


Bouldering NYE afternoon.


My NYE front page.



The calendar 3×4 was a freebie printable off Pinterest.


The quote card was also a freebie printable from Elise’s blog. I also bought the stamps from her shop! (My post about them here)


And that’s it! A week documented. And I’ve been flipping through these 3 1/2 pages all morning. I promise you I will get craftier. I promise you the photos will get better. It’s going to be exciting watching my progression on how I choose to document my first year (2013) with Project Life.


One thought on “Project Life 2013 : Week 1

  1. Nathalie says:

    I love this! Such a Cool Idea. After doing a year goals list last year, I have been looking for a way to chronicle it…very cool!
    xx n

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