Getting In The Spirit

We had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for over the last few weeks. Trevor finished shaping his surfboard. AND he made E6! Now HM1 Wallace – made it in 6 years? With numerous awards? Did I mention that COM? I mean, I think we should still be celebrating how awesome T is. Oh, and what about getting A’s in both of his classes this quarter? He also received the highest grade in his Biology class!


We made “White Trash” for my coworkers. I probably won’t be seeing them again. My company cannot provide a substitute for me.. The good news is that I have a phone interview on Friday with a local elementary school (as an EA with the DOE).



We also decorated the house. We took down the garlands and put up our Christmas lights and stockings. Although I wanted a Christmas tree, we wouldn’t be here for actual Christmas. I did find this piece of driftwood in Cabo and brought it home. I bought some red and silver ornaments and tied them to the driftwood and hung it all from the ceiling. I love it.




Lastly, T made the transition from KBay to Pearl Harbor. It’s definitely a new setting and a new experience. It’s been difficult but I have total faith in him. Looking forward to our winter break with family and whatever 2013 has in store for us!



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